# Version Revisions Last update
1.1.13 41 8 day(s) ago
1.6.1 120 27 day(s) ago

Client Code Modifications

Id Commit Title Commit Date
c206d544 Sa anunte isRunning false dupa ce iesim dupa teamspeak. 27 day(s) ago
602dfe2e Published to Production. 27 day(s) ago
459441fc Comentarii si more patch fixes. 27 day(s) ago
7d3fec1d Mutat ConnectedUsers in Wrapper, astfel eliminam anumite erori. 27 day(s) ago
3812f090 Small patch fix on ChannelRankings 27 day(s) ago
c9ec8780 Re-announce in case of disconnect. one month ago
fee9216c Schimbat metoda de parse, pare mai eficienta. one month ago
7b8b4614 Some limitations. one month ago
9f965bd7 Update the connectivity class. one month ago
8491f01c Multiple fixes and improvements. one month ago

Website Code Modifications

Id Commit Title Commit Date
db0f1259 Unknown edits. one month ago
190f740a Few updates. one month ago
15c76a28 Various fixes also the top wallet. 2 months ago
b9b61c39 Disabled daily rewards. 2 months ago
3a210488 Updates. 2 months ago
d67f208f Update Framework. 2 months ago
3b15faa8 Disable unimplemented stuff. 3 months ago
e13e8f23 Update 3 months ago
a2099247 Adapted to the new TimeSpan instead of int. 4 months ago
7f2c90e5 Ranking System. 4 months ago