# Version Revisions Last update
1.6.1 46 8 hours ago
1.1.11 14 8 hours ago

Client Code Modifications

Id Commit Title Commit Date
059da797 Merge branch 'dev2' into 'master' 7 hours ago
a89c5f92 Demographic Logic, ServerBalance API, Spend/Add API. 8 hours ago
384787e2 Merge branch 'dev2' into 'master' 18 hours ago
40eeb27c Consolidating peresquites. 2 day(s) ago
d9397c78 Update peresquites. 2 day(s) ago
abe0885a Userformat fix. 2 day(s) ago
487ff499 Various fixes and edits. 2 day(s) ago
a8b808f4 Comentarii. 4 day(s) ago
36f2e6e8 Savage update, check description. 4 day(s) ago
e1960912 Lost track, to be continued. 4 day(s) ago

Website Code Modifications

Id Commit Title Commit Date
7b2ddd5f Notificari, Rewards, Wallet Api & Multiple fixes. 8 hours ago
cf3140df Implemented Demographics & Added map to front page. 11 hours ago
da64c2c2 Inceput de front-end achievements. 18 hours ago
0cf258a2 Add ZinToken / ZinWarns and edit display in TopMenu. 19 hours ago
9f5be906 Last frontend edit to shop. 19 hours ago
6c9c5835 Adaugat imagine Premium in shop. 20 hours ago
57bd886b Implementat front-end shop. 20 hours ago
e38c9aaa Edited 'Changelog' section to display commits. 22 hours ago
49d15438 Diverse. 23 hours ago
76b5e514 Multiple edits. 2 day(s) ago