# Version Revisions Last update
1.6.1 105 18 hours ago
1.1.13 27 13 day(s) ago

Client Code Modifications

Id Commit Title Commit Date
671a104b O harcia parcia, nu inteleg. 13 day(s) ago
ddfc7803 Change from lists to dictionaries. 15 day(s) ago
dc43c8c0 A lot of improvements. 15 day(s) ago
56ec282e Plenty of changes, also a tcpclient for future use. 16 day(s) ago
700622a9 A little fix to display logs. 20 day(s) ago
53a6dea3 A little fix after the performance update. 20 day(s) ago
0aafc08e Performance - Put WalletLogs separatelly. 20 day(s) ago
515e90e7 Organizare. 20 day(s) ago
319aee1a Updates. 21 day(s) ago
1b81a13f Done. 26 day(s) ago

Website Code Modifications

Id Commit Title Commit Date
15c76a28 Various fixes also the top wallet. 13 day(s) ago
b9b61c39 Disabled daily rewards. 16 day(s) ago
3a210488 Updates. 21 day(s) ago
d67f208f Update Framework. 26 day(s) ago
3b15faa8 Disable unimplemented stuff. one month ago
e13e8f23 Update one month ago
a2099247 Adapted to the new TimeSpan instead of int. one month ago
7f2c90e5 Ranking System. 2 months ago
f3027b85 Auto-give credits for awards. 2 months ago
6d5481ed Forum Sync Cache - Sa nu incurcam forumul. 2 months ago