# Version Revisions Last update
1.1.12 40 20 hours ago
1.6.1 81 yesterday

Client Code Modifications

Id Commit Title Commit Date
4ca43635 Merge branch 'dev2' into 'master' 16 day(s) ago
ea5c7737 Fixed removal Graphs/Logs from user, now takes the last records, not the first. 16 day(s) ago
f43dec65 Fixed a stuck issue on trivia bot. 16 day(s) ago
552184fe Lower the gain rate of zincoins on channels in favor of trivia. 16 day(s) ago
81640a69 Create a new GetChanStats pipe request. 16 day(s) ago
f20063d1 Edit the Level Gain rate. 16 day(s) ago
3286c7be Trivia - Bug fixes / Streak & Coin edit. 17 day(s) ago
6008b9f4 Max logs: 3000/pers | Max graphs: 500/pers 18 day(s) ago
95d704fb Trivia fixes. 18 day(s) ago
fa5d66b8 Typo fix. 18 day(s) ago

Website Code Modifications

Id Commit Title Commit Date
7f2c90e5 Ranking System. yesterday
f3027b85 Auto-give credits for awards. 14 day(s) ago
6d5481ed Forum Sync Cache - Sa nu incurcam forumul. 24 day(s) ago
72bed9f8 WebClient timeout to 1 second, cache forum calls 25 day(s) ago
44fda4d9 Sincronizare via Forum si baze de date. 26 day(s) ago
7b2ddd5f Notificari, Rewards, Wallet Api & Multiple fixes. 27 day(s) ago
cf3140df Implemented Demographics & Added map to front page. 27 day(s) ago
da64c2c2 Inceput de front-end achievements. 28 day(s) ago
0cf258a2 Add ZinToken / ZinWarns and edit display in TopMenu. 28 day(s) ago
9f5be906 Last frontend edit to shop. 28 day(s) ago